Our Detroit Red Wings have been arguably the most-successful NHL Hockey team in the US for the last couple of decades. But how many remember the struggles the team faced prior to the 80s? Between the 1966–67 and 1982–83 seasons, the Red Wings made the playoffs only two times.

The success the Wings have seen in the last 25 year can be attributed, at least in some part, to five players -- Konstantinov, Sergei Fedorov, Igor Larionov, Slava Fetisov and Vyacheslav Kozlov -- five Russian players whose story comes to the big screen this Thursday (3/21) in 'The Russian Five.'

The movie received outstanding reviews when it made its debut at the Freep Film Festival in Detroit and is a must-see for Red Wings fans throughout Michigan.

Can you think of a better place to see the movie than Flint's Capitol Theatre? Tickets are $10 for the 8pm showing this Friday night and are available at TheWhiting.com. And listen this week for your opportunity to win free tickets courtesy of Cars 108.

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