The upcoming Star Wars film Rogue Squadron has been delayed indefinitely, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter last week. Initially, the push back was attributed to director Patty Jenkins’ busy schedule, as she splits her time between Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. while working on Wonder Woman 3. However, a more recent report by former THR editor Matthew Belloni for Puck News reveals that there very well may be another reason for the indefinite hiatus — creative differences.

“I talked to a few insiders this week that said the real culprit was the dreaded ‘creative differences’; specifically, Jenkins couldn’t agree on the script with Lucasfilm executives, including senior V.P. Michelle Rejwan,” Belloni wrote. “Jenkins wasn’t willing to d— around, and she has other projects, notably Wonder Woman 3 at Warner Bros., where she enjoys more creative freedom.”

Belloni continued to explain in his own words how “top filmmakers are dying to make a Star Wars movie—until they sign on and experience the micromanagement and plot-point-by-committee process.” Phil Lord and Chris Miller departed Solo: A Star Wars Story early, causing Ron Howard to step in and finish up the project. While working on Episode IX, director Colin Trevorrow also ended his working relationship with Lucasfilm, with J.J. Abrams returning to fill the role. Even more recently, Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ceased work on their own trilogy of Star Wars films, which reportedly would have explored the “origin of the Jedi.” He also mentions in passing that Rian Johnson’s planned Star Wars trilogy has been shelved as well.

While it’s unclear how long we’ll be waiting for a Rogue Squadron movie, at least we can look forward to Taika Waititi’s Star Wars project, which is currently in development. “It’s still in the ‘EXT. SPACE’ stage. But we’ve got a story. I’m really excited by it because it feels very me,” Waititi told Wired in August. “I tend to go down that little sincerity alleyway in my films. I like to fool the viewer into thinking ‘ha it’s this’ and then them going, ‘Damn it, you made me feel something!’”

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