At the American Cinematheque Awards show on Friday, Robert Downey Jr. got on stage and told Hollywood to forigve Mel Gibson. Robert Downey Jr. was honored at the ceremony and made sure his friend Mel Gibson presented the award as a way to restore Gibson's image. During his acceptance speech he told the audience to let him continue acting without shame.

As the speech continued, Downey went on to say that it was Gibson who helped him out during his dark days of drinking and drugs when no one in Hollywood would hire him. Downey says it was Gibson who paid his insurance bond so he could work on the set of a movie in 2003. Gibson has been dropped from roles recently because no one has wanted to work with him.

So, do you think he'll get hired again? I predict Mel making another comeback in a year when everything has blown over. People will soon forget about the angry phone calls he made to his ex-girlfriend and will move on once there is another scandal. Would you forgive Mel Gibson? Does his behavior prevent you from going to see his movies?

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