Rihanna and Coldplay combined dance and rock music on a medley performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards that included hits from each artist as well as their collaboration ‘Princess of China.’

Cast in a red glow, Rihanna started the performance with a surprisingly slow rendition of ‘We Found Love.’ She sounded strong as she sang the new mellow arrangement of the first verse. Following the chorus, the high-energy dance beat kicked in and several backup dancers joined RiRi on stage for a massive dance party.

After the abbreviated ‘We Found Love’ finished, the spotlight moved to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who began ‘Princess of China’ on acoustic guitar. As he hit the “wooo-oahhh” yell, RiRi walked out and sang with Martin on a portion of the track.

After that, the show still wasn’t over, because blinking white lights appeared across the audience and Martin sat down at the piano as his bandmates began playing their most recent hit, ‘Paradise.’ Martin wasn’t necessarily at the top of his game, missing a few notes here and there, but all was forgiven as the stadium-sized anthem took over the Staples Center.

Watch Rihanna and Coldplay Perform at the 2012 Grammy Awards