Rick Astley is an 80's icon, but people are not sure how to feel after 'Never Gonna Give You Up' got a major upgrade.

The video was remastered by someone on YouTube and it has taken the internet by storm. ReVideo is the group behind the new HD Rick Astley, and they seem to be onto something. They've done a few different videos, and each one is definitely improved quality, but is it improved overall? That's the question that the internet has been struggling with over the last 24 hours.

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The original video is basically everything that is the 80's. The new video is also everything that is the 80's as seen through a 2020 lens. That's why Rick Astley took over the internet yesterday.

Let's face it, Rick has always been a big part of online culture thanks in part to the Rick Rolling trend. If you've never been Rick Rolled, then you should probably read up on it here and try it out on a friend. Yes there is an entire wiki page dedicated to Rick Rolling.

It really is a great week when Rick Astley can relive a little bit of his 80's fame!

I know that the video is a little disturbing, but just like everyone else, I don't know why. My favorite part about the whole Rick Astley remake is the reactions people are having online.

Some people are so disturbed by the new HD Rick, that they've actually de-mastered him.

There are definitely more videos that fans are hoping will get the remaster treatment, but for now we have Rick Astley, and that's enough.

I do feel like I need to give you a Rick Astley real life update. He is still alive for one, that was a major concern when I saw that he was trending online out of nowhere. He still has an incredible voice, and he is still awesome. Check out the video of Rick covering a Post Malone song below.


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