We enjoyed following a Facebook thread that was active all weekend, asking the question, "What's the most iconic thing about Flint?" The question was posed on the 'You Know You're From Flint When" page, which typically is a good mix of content that both celebrates and pokes fun at our city.

The post generated over 300 comments from people who primarily reminded us of Flint's rich history with nominations for Grand Funk Railroad, General Motors, The Weather Ball, Flint Coneys, Donna's Donuts, The Machine Shop, Big John's Claressa Shields, and more.

As you can expect, there were some naysayers who chimed in with topics that have cast a shadow on Flint like the water crisis and crime, but we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the positives that Flint residents (and many former residents) recalled this weekend.

There is one person that was left out -- Dr. Mona. Let's add her to the list, shall we?

Enjoy. And feel free to jump in with your thoughts in the comments section if you like.

What's the Most Iconic Thing in Flint?


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