Residents of Granada Gardens on Greenfield, South of Fenkell in Detroit have not had heat for a week now. Fox 2 Detroit reports that some residents are using their ovens or boiling water to try and stay warm in these extreme temperatures. The management at the apartment complex said they are fixing the heat, but as of yesterday (Jan 3rd) there was no heat in the apartments. Managment said they would buy space heaters for the residents to help keep them warm. The landlord is facing $3,200 in fines for not taking care of the heat in a timely manner.

Do you remember the ice storm we had here a few years ago? It was right before Christmas and most of the people I know were without power or heat for multiple days. I remember cuddling up next to a space heater wrapped in blankets trying to wrap presents, so I feel for these residents that have been without heat for so long.

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