Genesee County Clerk John Gleason has announced that the recall effort collected over 5,800 signatures.

It's been a drama-filled few weeks for the recall effort against Mayor Karen Weaver, with residents claiming to be called by police after they signed the petition, forged signature allegations, etc.

Resident Arthur Woodson, who started the recall petition (with claims from the mayor that he was harassing her) has legally collected the correct amount of signatures for said petition, and it will be on the November ballot.

Now, if YOU want to run for mayor in the recall, you have to submit 40 signatures from Flint residents, as well as $100, by Monday, August 14th.

If you've never been through a recall election before (we have...the governor of Wisconsin was recalled...and survived it...when we lived there), it's all kinds of fun and drama and...well, more drama. Buckle up, Flint!

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