It's a far cry from the pampered life that Lisa Vanderpump lives on Bravo's reality show, 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills'! Find out what she has to say as she progresses through her latest television venture, this season's 'Dancing With the Stars' on ABC.

I have enjoyed Lisa on 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' for several seasons. I love her opulent lifestyle, the super elegant British accent and the fact that she is a very successful businesswoman, loving mother, a wife of 30 years to her husband Ken, in addition to being a reality television star on the network Bravo. Now Lisa can add another feather to her cap. She is a contestant on this season's 'Dancing With The Stars' on ABC. If you are as intrigued by Mrs. Vanderpump as I am, get a glimpse into her glamorous world through a recent interview for ABC's 'Nightline'.



As far as 'Dancing With The Stars' goes, Lisa says that she is covered with bruises and that the show should come with a "health warning"! Lisa says "I mean, it's so much harder that I thought it would be!" If you missed Lisa and her partner, Gleb, during week one's performance of a Foxtrot, catch it below.



It will be a full night of television for fans of Lisa! The season finale of 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' airs tonight at 8pm on Bravo, followed by the 'Housewive's Reunion:Part 1' at 9pm. Then, of course, you can also catch her on 'Dancing With The Stars' tonight at 8pm on ABC.

How long do you think Lisa will last on 'Dancing With The Stars'? Who stands a good chance of winning this season? Are you a "Housewives' junkie like me?


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