Considering that a nun in my Catholic school laughed at me during MY talent show when I was a kid, I think he did pretty great. 

True story.

My first try on stage was at the St. Bruno talent show in the 5th grade. A lip sync performance of "Paradise City", and of course I was Axl, backed by a few buddies on mock instruments. I never thought to memorize the verse lyrics, so the performance kinda sucked. I will never forget, and I swear this is the truth, looking out and seeing my teacher, Sister Claire Marie, laughing in the audience. I heard she dropped out of the nunhood anyways. Regardless, I never stopped going up on stage. But that first time was rough.

Now this kid.....

Goes up on stage to do a DANCE routine in the 4th grade. He had back up dancers lined up. They ALL bailed. So he went SOLO. Then to top it off? He KILLED it.

Already doing better than me. And I love it.

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