Even if you've never used the site, your personal info is available...and more than you might think.  

Basically, if you enter somebody's name into their search engine, you get detailed results. Anybody's name. It's all public record. Here's what happens when I typed my name into the site (I've never used it previously):


It lists almost all of my previous addresses, with the exception of Seattle (however, if you type in AJ's name, it shows up). It even shows my ex-wife's addresses in Alabama. Pretty creepy, huh?

It's creating a privacy concern for a lot of people. In fact, some law enforcement officials believe that they have been targeted more than others. Either way, your info is out there. Here's how to get it DOWN:

  1. Visit FamilyTreeNow.com/optout.
  2. Select each profile or variation of your name.
  3. Click the red "Opt Out" box for that record on the website.

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