Pringles released a Thanksgiving Dinner pack this year that has all the flavors of the holiday, without all that pesky cooking time. The Thanksgiving Pringles pack comes in a TV dinner style tray so your cranberry Pringles don't touch your mac and cheese Pringles. The flavors in the Thanksgiving pack include turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mac and cheese, creamed corn, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and of course pumpkin pie.

Don't stick the turkey back in the freezer yet though, Pringles hasn't released the Thanksgiving pack to retail stores this year. They have only been released to a few media outlets (ours not included). Kellog's, who own Pringles, did tease a possible nationwide release in the future.

Would you try them? Maybe if you don't have leftovers this could help satisfy the craving?

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