The number of cases of pet poisonings due to marijuana ingestion is on the rise.

In states like Michigan, where the use of recreational marijuana became legal in 2018, some veterinarians are reporting seeing cases of pets suffering from the ill effects of pot exposure on a weekly basis. Vets say as the number of people using marijuana is on the rise, so are the number of cases of pets getting sick or dying from it.

“Pets don’t get stoned, they get poisoned,” Dr. Mark Liberto said in his veterinary ER where he’d recently saved a dog who’d ingested marijuana. "Why a dog wants to eat a bag of weed, who knows, but dogs will eat things out of the trash all the time.”

This report says the effects of marijuana toxicity in pets can range from vomiting to diarrhea to death. Experts advise anyone who suspects their pets have ingested Canibus to seek medical help immediately.

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