We've seen some pretty nice gender reveals over the years. (Remember this touching video in which a mom-to-be finds out her baby's sex from her deceased father? Yeah, we cried too.)

But this one is different. You won't be asking, "Is someone cutting onions?" It may be the most ridiculous gender reveal you've ever seen.

A Florida couple (Florida ... of course.) used their pet to reveal the sex of their tenth child. Tenth child? That's getting into 'I've lost track of how many kids I have' territory.

Anyway, this is no ordinary pet. Stacie Childs-Wright and her husband Chad didn't enlist the help of a dog or cat to help them reveal their baby's sex to their friends and family.

How did they do it?

The happy parents to be used their PET ALLIGATOR to bit a balloon which released green or pink dust into the air.

So what's the verdict? You've come this far, watch the video from Fox News below to find out.

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