The Polar Vortex is something we usually talk about in the dead of winter instead of the first week of May. Nevertheless, here we are staring at unusually cold air just days after enjoying a weekend where temperatures flirted with 80 degrees in Michigan.

Accuweather meteorologist Bernie Rayno says record cold air is about to push south from Canada into the Midwest and Northeast sections of the United States. This shockingly cold air, courtesy of a Polar Vortex could even mean snow for some. In fact, the Flint area may see a light wintry mix on both Friday and Sunday with snow showers possible on Monday, according to our news partners at Mid-Michigan Now. Temperatures will struggle to reach the low 50s Friday through Monday.

Although snow accumulation in Michigan is looking unlikely at this point, cold temperatures at night may mean and inch or two of accumulations for many parts of New York State.

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How unusual is it for Michigan to see snow in May? Although snow in May is rare, it's not unheard of. According to students at Michigan Tech, parts of Michigan have seen at least some snow in May in three of the last ten years.

If you're a gardener or you thought maybe last weekend was a good opportunity to plant flowers, you may have jumped the gun a little. Vulnerable plants will need to be covered up or brought inside as temperatures may fall below freezing. Temps that are 15-25 degrees below normal may bring the risk of frost and freezing conditions to the Great Lakes region.

AccuWeather has the cold, ugly news in this video.


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