Playland Park has been on Dort Highway in Grand Blanc Township for 49 years, but as of now, it is closed for good. The owner put Playland up for sale earlier this spring assuming it would take a year or two to sell. Grand Blanc Township bought the property in six days and it is now closed.

Playland Park is best known for its haunted house, St Lucifers and summer activities like putt-putt and go-karts. The owner does not know what the township will do with the property, but he plans to sell off the arcade games inside. He may also relocate the haunted house, St Lucifer's Asylum. Owner Kris Werner says he wanted to operate the business for 50 years, but it is time for a new chapter in his life.

According to ABC12, it is not clear at this point what Grand Blanc Township plans to do with the property. It is located very close to the Grand Blanc Township offices and the Police Department, so maybe they will expand one of those properties.

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