Students from five Michigan universities gathered at Wayne State University yesterday to construct the world's largest Periodic Table.

It was an idea that was born on the University of Michigan's Flint campus, accord to Sue White, an advisor overseeing the project.

"This was an idea that came to us from the University of Michigan Flint, and five universities got together here to celebrate the international year of the Periodic Table," she said. "And this is an opportunity for science to outreach into the community and tell you how fun and adventurous science is ..."

Students from UM-Flint, UM-Dearborn, University of Detroit Mercy, Wayne State, and Lawrence Tech all gathered to set a new world record. They created a Periodic Table that spanned the size of more than three football fields.

The students used tarps and paint to showcase all 118 elements of the Periodic Table. After the mission is complete, the tarps will be donated to disaster relief.

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