This home has all the water options.

I have always wanted to live on a canal connecting to a large lake. You don't really have to work about rough waters on bad days and there is just something about a canal that is very peaceful to me. This home in Pigeon, Michigan is just that.

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For just under half of a million dollars, you can own this home that is just a short three-minute boat ride to Lake Huron. This place is simple yet beautiful and has a lot to offer. It boasts five bedrooms and four bathrooms, an indoor dry sauna, and a heated, in-ground pool just feet away from the canal. The home also has plenty of room for your water toys with over 100 feet of seawall.

How awesome would that be to be able to take a dip on the deck and maybe even do some fishing at the same time? This home is definitely a great home for anyone that loves the lake life.

This home also has plenty to offer on those rainy and snowy days as well. The indoor sauna will keep you warm along with the fireplace in the basement. This home also has a nice little bar set up to enjoy some drinks with friends. And for those of you who binge watch TV shows a little too long and become a stinky couch potato, one of the bathrooms even has a TV in it. At least this way you can stop offending people with your odor and still be able to continue your binge.

Check out the photos of the home below.


Pigeon, MI Home for Sale Has Heated Pool Just Steps From Canal

This home in Pigeon, MI has 100' of seawall on the canal, a heated pool, an indoor sauna, and is just a three-minute boat ride to Lake Huron.

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