Well it looks like the dogs in Michigan are going to have better hairstyles than most of the owners this week. Pet groomers will be allowed to once again re-open their doors this Thursday. According to the executive order signed by governor Gretchen Whitmer groomers can be open for business once again.

“Pet-groomers will be allowed to resume operations on June 4, subject to workplace standards described in Executive Order 2020-97 or any order that may follow from it,” according to a post answer on the state website regarding the order.

Pet groomers in the state have been closed since March and will reopen again with the same safety guidelines implemented for most businesses. Their staff will have to take the same precautions when related to COVID-19 when it comes to worker safety.

Michelle Goetz, owner of Four Paws Hotel & Day Resort, said her phones have been ringing off the hook. "Owners are desperate. We are booked through July already with a massive waitlist", Goetz said. She commented that the calls have been ongoing since March with owners hoping they would still be able to get grooming services. Four Paws Hotel & Day Resort closed their doors to all services back in March expect for day care and boarding. "I ended up closing the day care portion on March 24th and then reopened it May 4th, but the boarding I left open in case someone was sick and needed the service. Thankfully nobody did", she said.

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Goetz said they will be busy prioritizing clients for grooming appointments. "We have a loyalty to the client that were booked back in March so they need taken first, and then we have the loyal clients that have standing appointments> We are going to be very busy"

It's been tough for owners since many breeds require that constant grooming not to mention nails that need trimming to avoid growth into the pads that can cause infections. As for the owners themselves, you're going to have to wait just a bit longer for a cut & style.


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