Circuit Court Judge Geoffrey Neithercut has ruled that Patsy Lou Chevrolet can once again re-open after issuing a stay of the Michigan Secretary of State's order to temporarily close the dealership.

The Flint Township dealership was closed for several hours today (5/11) after the state suspended its license for 15 days. The state claims that Patsy Lou Chevrolet has failed to deliver vehicle titles to buyers in a timely fashion and alleges that information may have been misrepresented.

In a press release sent to Cars 108, the dealership says it "denies the allegations and is vigorously defending the claims."

Neithercut also ordered the Secretary of State to remove all signage from the dealership that indicated its license was suspended, reactivate dealer plates, and process all sales and title requests from Patsy Lou Chevrolet.

Patsy Lou Ruling

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