From verbal abuse to neglect, a daycare facility in Hudsonville, Michigan has been under scrutiny by the state for several months. Now the parents of an 18-month-old girl say the baby was left in agony for hours.

Marrissa Lacombe and Tylor Ching tell Fox 17 that their daughter's elbow was dislocated at the daycare facility, and she was left to suffer in pain for at least three hours after the incident.

"[Milaya] came out and she was screaming, and [Creative Kids Day Care employees] said that she was just exhausted," said Lacombe, recalling July 17 when she picked up her daughter. "And I’m like my child has never acted like that when she’s just tired."

Marrissa said her daughter had to be taken to a hospital to have her elbow reset.

Complaints against Creative Kids Daycare date back to October of 2017 as numerous parents have complained about conditions that they deem to be neglectful.

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