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We applaud the parents of four teenagers in Southeast Michigan who learned that their kids pulled a 'dine & dash' stunt, and hauled them back to the restaurant to pay up.

The teens racked up a tab that was close to $400 at the Red Sea Restaurant in Dearborn, Sunday (8/20) night.

Sunhail Mohammed is the restaurant owner. He tells Detroit's WJBK-TV that the kids weren't shy about ordering food.

"They got lobster tails, snow crab, shrimp, there were four," said Mohammed. "They had a good amount of food."

Busted, Thanks to Social Media

After the incident, Mohammed called the Dearborn Police Department. Luckily, his security system was working and the whole thing was caught on camera.

It was the suggestion of Liv, a server at the restaurant, that they turn the surveillance video over to the police.

Roughly 30 minutes after police posted the clip on social media, the teens' parents contacted the restaurant. Mohammed said they then accompanied the children to the restaurant and paid for their food.

"They actually brought the kids and they made them apologize," he said.

Restauranteur Gives Hefty Discount

Despite the bill being close to $400, Mohammed gave the families a discount, knocking off about half of the bill.

"They’re kids at the end and I looked at it like they're my kids doing that stuff," the owner said. "Me giving them that for 50% off on the bill, was just because they came back and stood up for the mistake that they did."

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