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A 3-year-old Owosso boy has died after accidentally shooting himself on Friday. A Michigan State Representative hopes new legislation can prevent more tragedies by requiring guns to be locked up in homes with small children.

Police were called to a residence in Owosso shortly after noon on Friday (1/22) and found the toddler suffering from a gunshot wound. Medical personnel began providing life-saving measures but the boy was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Owosso Public Safety Director Kevin Lenkart says it appears that the boy accidentally shot himself, according to WILX.

The incident happened just two days after an 18-month old toddler in Detroit got ahold of a firearm and accidentally shot his 5-year-old cousin. That child has since died from the injury.

State Rep. John Cherry says tragedies like these are preventable. Cherry -- an avid gun owner himself -- tells the Detroit Free Press that he plans to introduce legislation that would require gun owners to lock their firearms in locked storage inaccessible to children.

Cherry, a Democrat who lives in Flint, says he was asked to craft the bills because he is a hunter. He says the proposals will be beneficial for the safety of children while respecting the rights of hunters and gun owners.

“Right now, our current law does not reflect the need to take any personal responsibility for your gun. If you’re going to store it in an unsafe fashion, that’s a decision you could still make with my bills,” Cherry tells the Free Press.

His proposal would include a range of penalties, including felony charges in the event of a death.


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