Music festivals aren't a sprint...they're a marathon. And we've reached the 26.2 mile marker of Bonnaroo 2019.

Day four was, without a doubt, the hottest day of the weekend. Highs topped out near 89 degrees today. For contrast, though, the festival saw its coolest night in history on Thursday night with lows in the 40s.

Overall, it was probably the most pleasant-weather Bonnaroo we've ever attended. We attended Electric Forest during a dangerous heat wave, and Camp Bisco in Pennsylvania with non-stop rain. Weather is always a factor at music festivals, but we'll use this quote: "There is no bad weather, just wrong attire."

Thank you to EVERYBODY who help contribute to our video this weekend! We hope it helped to convince all the grown folks who were on the fence about a music festival - YES, YOU CAN. And you should. May we suggest Bonnaroo 2020?

See you then! Stay tuned for a "Bonnaroo After Dark" video!

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