This should be a great weekend for a meteor shower. October 20th and 21st are peak days to see the Orionids, with up to 25 meteors visible every hour. Peak time will be early Monday morning (10/22) around 2 am.

The Orionid meteor show is actually 'dust' from Halley's comet, which makes a complete revolution around the sun every 75 to 76 years.

This Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map shows the position of the radiant in the night sky above Flint right now. This page also has a chart which shows the direction to look (if you're viewing from the Flint area) and the approximate altitude to look for meteors this weekend.

This website has a few tips for maximizing your Orionid Meteor Shower Viewing:

  • Find a secluded viewing spot, away from the city lights. Once at the venue, your eyes may take 15 to 20 minutes to get used to the dark.
  • Dress for the weather, and make sure you are comfortable, especially if you plan to stay out long. Bring a blanket or a comfortable chair with you—meteor watching can be a waiting game.
  • Once you have found your viewing spot, lie down on the ground and look up in the direction of the radiant. Use our Interactive Meteor Shower Sky Map or the table above to find the current direction of the radiant in the sky.

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