There's a lot of history in Detroit's Henry Glover House. The stately mansion was built in the 1800s, became a boarding house in the 1950s, and then a crumbling, decaying eyesore ready for demolition in recent decades.

But the historic mansion has been saved from the wrecking ball, rehabilitated, and transformed into luxury condominiums.

Who Was Henry Glover?

Henry Glover was a tailor, entrepreneur, and school inspector who migrated from Syracuse, New to Detroit in 1836. Glover was also a real estate investor who built this home in Detroit's historic Brush Park around 1875. The home is where Glover lived until his death in 1892.

Saved From the Wrecking Ball

Unfortunately, the once-stately mansion remained vacant for roughly 30 years, crumbling and decaying almost to the point of no return. It was set for demolition, but as Detroit's WJBK-TV reports, was saved by a group of activists who recognized the home's historic value.

That's where Doug Quada comes in.

Quada purchased the home at 229 Edmund Place from the Detroit land bank for $315,000. He's since transformed the home into six condo units. The penthouse - which includes a rooftop patio - goes for $1.4 million.

Quada said he and his team focused on details when rehabilitating the property.

"We spent a lot of time going through selecting doors that would’ve been in here originally," he said. "Heated floors in the bathroom, lighted mirrors in the bathrooms and all the things that give you a homey feel."

Take a look at the pictures below and be sure to check out the panoramic views from the rooftop patio.

The Henry Glover House in Detroit's Brush Park

Once on the brink of demolition, the historic Henry Glover mansion in Detroit's Brush Park neighborhood has been rehabilitated and transformed into luxury condominiums.

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