Fans of buffet-style restaurants will have fewer choices in the Flint area, as Old Country Buffet has closed its Courtland Center location.

Not gonna lie, I'll miss the bread pudding. We didn't frequent OCB all that much, but the occasional family gathering organized by mother in law always meant topping off an already-gluttonous meal with that dessert that always took me back to my grandmother's house.

Guests were greeted Monday with a sign that thanked them for their past business, urging them to follow the chain's website for updates on a possible future location.

Only one Old Country Buffet restaurant remains in Michigan, on Bay Road in Saginaw. There are just 20 restaurants left in the US.

Regardless of your opinion of the restaurant, we cringe every time we hear 'business closing' and feel bad for all those who abruptly lost their jobs.

Old Country Buffet is owned by Buffet Holdings, Inc., which also owns Ryan's, Fire Mountain, North's, Country Buffet, and Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse.

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