Maybe you can chalk this one up to 'everybody makes mistakes,' but as far as mistakes go, this is a pretty big one. An off-duty police officer pulled his gun on a convenience store customer he mistakenly thought was stealing.

He thought the customer was lifting ... Mentos.

Jose Arreola said he and his wife, Jacqueline, were driving to a club March 16th when they pulled into a Chevron station. The Orange County California man is clearly visible on the store's surveillance video putting the candy and money on the counter. While he waits for his change, the off-duty police officer walks in and spots Arreola putting the Mentos in his pocket.

The officer immediately assumes that Arreola is stealing, and points his gun at him, demanding that he put the mints back on the counter.

It's not until after the incident that the officer asks the cashier if the man had paid.

We all know what happens when we assume, right?


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