Get your eye patch, peg leg, and parrot, because we're heading to Mackinac Island "Pirate Style" this summer.

Mackinac Island is reopening for visitors after being closed due the Coronavirus pandemic, and Star Line Ferry is introducing a new way to get to the island. Starting on June 19th, you can climb aboard the Good Fortune Pirate Ship to travel to the island. There are five daily round trips available, but they are going fast.

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My favorite part about the pirate trip is that Star Line is actually encouraging passengers to get dressed up like a pirate!

Check out a video of The Good Fortune Pirate Ship in action in Munising below.

The ferry companies in Mackinac are doing a lot of very cool promotions this summer as well.

I booked a meteor shower cruise from Shepler's later this summer, and they have a ton of different night sky cruise options based on celestial events. I am a little fanatical when ti comes to meteors and stuff, so I'm already driving my family crazy about our cruise in August.

Each of the ferry companies offer different packages other than just hitching a ride to Mackinac Island. There are multiple light house tours, and fireworks tours that can be booked. You can even book a party boat for you and your friends.

There are obviously going to be restrictions this summer as we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. Safety is the main concern for all of the businesses there, and I hope that everyone visiting the island will be patient and understanding.


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