The University of Michigan has quite a few famous alumni.

In honor of the Wolverines being the national champs, let's revisit some UM history and see all the famous and notable people who have studied there. Go Blue!

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You don't have to look to far when searching for famous Wolverines. So many great people have either been born throughout this great state or have attended school here. The University of Michigan alone has seen some great talent walk through the doors.

Celebrities from many fields have walked the halls of the University of Michigan. From the medical field to technology and politics to entertainment, the University of Michigan taught many famous people. The fields of study are almost endless if you are a Wolverine.

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If you look at the Emmy Awards, University of Michigan alumni have taken home their fair share of trophies. As of 2017, 30 University of Michigan alumni have collectively taken home 86 Emmy Awards. Some of those winners include James Earl Jones, Sanjay Gupta, Ann B. Davis, and more.

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As you get into the list below, just know that this list could have been hundreds of entries long. However, I just grabbed the University of Michigan alumni who jumped out at me. From a former President of the United States to musicians, tech moguls, and actors and actresses, you should know a good chunk of people on this list.

Having attended the University of Michigan myself, this list gives me a lot of pride. Even though I took the Iggy Pop route and didn't finish my degree due to some life issues, I'm still proud to have spent some time within the fine establishment that it is.

If you want to see more of the famous alumni of the University of Michigan, click here.

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