A couple of nine-year-old boys from Novi got to show off an invention they came up with on 'The Tonight Show' in a segment called 'Fallonventions.'

"I love inventions and I'm ok with kids," host Jimmy Fallon noted before bringing Tyler Parks and Graham Long to the Tonight Show stage. The boys donned lab coats as they wheeled their contraption out for the audience.

"Our invention is named the 'S-Cubed'" Parks said of the giant Lego man with drawers. "It sucks, shakes, and sorts," Long added.

The audience had a good laugh before Fallon quipped, "After the demo, we'll see if it sucks or not."

The boys then demonstrated how the machine vacuums Lego pieces off the floor, shakes them up inside (with a little assistance from Tyler), and sorts the pieces into the appropriate drawers.

"Sometimes it doesn't work," noted one of the boys. "Ah who cares," Fallon laughed. "As long as you tell people that before you sell it -- Sometimes it doesn't work, what's the big deal?"

At the conclusion of the segment, Fallon awarded each of the kids who appeared on the show a check for $5,000 to further their education.


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