I was just thinking that today's kids aren't coddled enough. So 'thank you,' University of Colorado, for making sure we work to shield kids from the realities of the world as aggressively as possible.

A new sociology study out of Colorado found that teachers shouldn't use red pens to correct mistakes because... wait for it... it makes children ANXIOUS!?!?

If you want to see anxious, you should have seen the look on my face before my first grade principal used a wooden paddle on me.  Even my third grade teacher threw a piece of chalk at one of my third grade classmates when they were causing disruptions.  These days, if a teacher looks at a student wrong, they could face charges.

According to this ridiculous new study, kids said that when teachers use a red pen to make comments, it's like being, quote, "shouted at."  Instead, they say teachers should use kinder, gentler blue pens, which don't make kids so anxious. Next we're going to get rid of paste because it sticks to things, and safety scissors because they still have the ability to cut things.

How about this... just don't correct papers at all and just give everyone an "A!"  It seems to me that's where we're heading anyway.