Michigan Class B teams Durand and Imlay City finished the season with 5-4 records. Normally with the MHSAA rules, there is head-to-head competition with their opponent’s winning percentage serving as the second tiebreaker. Unfortunately, the teams did not play each other during their regular season and their win percentages were also deadlocked at 45.7%, leaving the MHSAA with no choice but to determine who would be heading to the playoffs with a coin toss.

The MHSAA resorted to a rule that left the last playoff spot down to heads or tails, something that had never been done before. Known as a no-options rule by the Michigan High School Athletic Association the fate of the teams literally came down to the flip of a coin. During a FaceTime call Sunday night between both teams and the league the coin landed on heads sending the Durand Railroaders to the playoffs.

Durand will see playoff action for the first time since 2009 and will travel to take on Montrose this Saturday at 1pm.

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