Netflix has shared a new trailer for its upcoming He-Man reboot, titled He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. This is a wholly separate show from the recent Masters of the Universe: Revelation show on Netflix from executive producer Kevin Smith. That series was 2D animation, and intended as a sequel to the original animated show of the 1980s. This new He-Man is CG-animated, and features a totally new story and character designs. In advance of the series' drop next month, this preview clip gives us a sneak peek at what's in store.

The CG-animated series will reimagine the Guardians of Grayskull story while also introducing new adventures for the team of heroes. In the trailer, we meet Adam, a relatable protagonists who takes on the He-Man mantle. He is joined by a Master of Technology, a Master of Magic, a Master of the Wild, and a Master of Demolition. (Think Power Rangers or Voltron, but with He-Man characters.) Together, they must defend their planet of Eternia and ward off the villainous Skeletor.

Check out the preview clip below:

The voice of Adam/He-Man will be portrayed by Yuri Lowenthal. The rest of the cast is rounded out by  David Kaye as Cringer/Battle Cat, Grey Griffin as Evelyn, Antony Del Rio as Duncan/Man-at-Arms, Kimberly Brooks as Teela/Sorceress, Trevor Devall as R'Qazz/Beast Man, Judy Alice Lee as Krass/Ram Ma'am, Roger Craig Smith as Kronis/Trap-Jaw/General Dolos, Fred Tatasciore as King Randor/Baddrah, and Ben Diskin as Skeletor.

From the looks of the trailer, the animation style is an engaging, colorful aspect that will make this show a visual treat. Animation duties were handled by House of Cool (Trollhunters) and CGCG (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). The series will blend exciting action sequences with He-Man's signature humor, introducing the franchise to a whole new generation of fans.

He Man and the Masters of the Universe arrives on Netflix on September 16.

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