You still need to rake the leaves in your yard. I'm not judging! It's been cold and we've had some unexpected snow, so getting out there and getting it done hasn't really an option. And besides, I'm right there with you!

But my friend -- who has somehow found more ambition than I have -- has outsmarted the fall cleanup ritual, practically cutting raking time in half. He's changed the raking game forever, without spending a small fortune on a bagging lawnmower.

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I saw the picture he posted of his double-rake concoction and I haven't stopped chuckling.

  1. It's the epitome of a prototype (He won't be appearing on Shark Tank anytime soon.) but here are his instructions, which he says will cut your raking time virtually in half.
  2. Lock the rakes together at the bottom. Depending on the size of your rake, an overlap of 8 to 10 teeth should be sufficient.
  3. Use bungee cords at the bottom of the rakes for tensioners to steady and to further conjoin them.
  4. At the top of the rake handles, use an "alternate grip" method where your top hand is gripping the rear rake & your bottom hand is gripping the handle of the forward rake.

- Could the "inventor" have been able to find a "double rake" at a hardware store, or perhaps on Amazon? Probably. - But bad weather was imminent, so he used whatever he had available in the garage to get the job done!

When I asked if this contraption actually works, his response was resoundingly positive.

"Yes- Miraculously, it's holding together! I'm getting this s--t done in literary half-the-time!

WCRZ Photo