Is there a record for the person who has chosen to not leave home for the longest period of time during the pandemic? Can anyone top one month and two days (and counting)?

Our 22-year-old son Nick is taking the Stay-Home-Stay-Safe order very seriously. He's a self-proclaimed homebody, so life during the pandemic has been a fairly easy adjustment. His demeanor sometimes resembles Jerry Seinfeld's wacky neighbor Kramer, so when he made the declaration that he hasn't left the premises since March 26th, it made me laugh -- I actually heard it in Michael Richards' voice.

Don't get me wrong, we're not complaining because he's hanging around the house. Yes, he visits the refrigerator as much as, or maybe even more often than Kramer, but he's a pleasure to have around. He's not an anti-social cat, either. He communicates electronically with a pool of friends, showers regularly, and puts on clean clothes.

COVID-19 is serious stuff and we respect his commitment.

My son's routine changed abruptly when the University of Michigan converted all classes to remote-only on March 11th. Nick is a full-time student at U of M Flint and is on track to graduate in December.

But then again, everyone's routine has changed.

Know anyone else that has made a long-term commitment to staying home? Let us know, and we'll show our support and recognition.

Stay safe.

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