A Michigan man's murder conviction has been overturned because a juror allegedly made racially-charged statements during deliberations.

Terry Wilson was sentenced to life in prison in 2014 after a 2013 altercation in Drewry Park which resulted in another man's death. Wilson, however, claimed self-defense.

Wilson's family has since hired attorney Wade Fink who said he has uncovered "deeply held racial biases" held by one of the jurors on the all-white jury that deliberated Wilson's case.

Court documents indicate that one of the jurors made comments that the defendant "was guilty because he was black," and "probably ghetto." He was also quoted saying Wilson was "just another n***** off the street."

Detroit's WXYZ spoke to the juror in the video below and he says he's upset that the conviction is being overturned. He insists Wilson was convicted because he is guilty claims that he made no such racial statements.

Wilson will remain in jail as he awaits a new trial.


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