When it comes to Thanksgiving I consider it a day to cast aside any diets, eating habits, or general concepts of what's good or bad for you, and just indulge. Probably one of the best days of the year to eat all of our favorite foods in one sitting, Thanksgiving is a culinary dream.

Aside from the turkey itself, Thanksgiving tends to provide a variety of things to please just about everyone. For me, I'm a stuffing girl all the way, but we all have our preferences.  So what is that one Thanksgiving food that ranks as the fan favorite in Michigan? You may be surprised because honestly, in my book, it's not really food at all.

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In a recent survey, Crestline set out to determine the Most Popular, and Least Popular, Thanksgiving foods in each state. In general, the most popular Thanksgiving food was mashed potatoes at 94% with the star of the show, the turkey, following behind with 84% of those surveyed.

Crestline then compared the results on a state-by-state basis to determine the most popular food in each state. Trust me when I say, when it comes to Michigan, I didn't see this choice coming.

According to the overall survey, the Most Popular Thanksgiving food for Michiganders is... gravy. Yep, gravy. Now, I don't know about you, but I really don't consider gravy a food, but I will give it credit for making Thanksgiving dinner tastier.

The study also broke down the results by state, to determine the least favorite Thanksgiving foods across the country. While the country agrees that they'd like to skip candied yams, Michigan isn't a big fan of glazed carrots.

You can check out the full map of the Most Popular and Least Popular Thanksgiving Foods in each state by clicking here. 

Whatever your fancy, we hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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