An obituary for a woman in Minnesota started off normally but quickly took a turn for the worse as her children expressed their disdain for her.

Kathleen Dehmlow passed away at 80 on May 31st at 80 years old, the obit stated. She was married in 1957 and had two children. But then the authors chose to air some of the family's ugly dirty laundry.

"In 1962 she became pregnant by her husband's brother Lyle Dehmlow and moved to California," the Obituary states. "She abandoned her children, Gina and Jay who were then raised by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schunk."


The obituary then goes on to say that she will not be missed by her children, Gina and Jay, and that "they understand that this world is a better place without her."

This website reports that staff members at the Redwood Falls Gazette protested running the obituary, but were overruled.

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