So, I didn't win $1.6 billion last night, but I did win $12! There were a few winning tickets larger than mine in our area last night.

A group of hospital employees won $1 million in Mt Pleasant. A doctor and a few nurses went in on a ticket at McLaren Central Michigan Hospital and went into work $1 million richer this morning. The winning ticket was sold at Ric's Food Center near the CMU campus. A second $1 million ticket was sold in Grand Rapids.

There were also a couple $10,000 winners in our area. One ticket was sold at Conlee Travel Center in Birch Run, and the other was sold at the Davison Meijer gas station. If you were one of the lucky $10,000 winners, you can claim your winnings at any lottery claim center. Michigan is not one of the states where you can remain anonymous if you win big money, so maybe it's a good thing you didn't win the whole jackpot. What would you do with $1.6 billion anyway?

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