Another Johnny's Treasure Quest Giveaway has begun here in Michigan and this time Michigan's Willy Wonka is giving away $100,000 in precious jewels.

We first heard about Johnny Perri in the summer of 2020 when he buried roughly one million dollars worth of jewels throughout the state of Michigan and told us to go find them. Perri had been in the jewelry store business for more than two decades and when the pandemic hit, he was no longer able to maintain his jewelry store, J&M Jewelers in Macomb County. So instead of selling off the inventory, he created Johnny's Treasure Quest.

The idea took off since then, Perri has hosted about a dozen treasure quests.

When Does the Next Johnny's Treasure Quest Begin?

Perri announced at the end of November that another quest was about to begin, giving a preview (in the first video below) of everything that can be won. Perri is also issuing a limited number of silver 'X' charms which, if found, will be the ticket to a special treasure hunt in the UP, where $100,000 in gems will be available.

If each of Perri's tins is sold, he plans to conduct a second $100,000 treasure hunt.

"If we sell every single tin out, then I'm making an additional treasure hunt," Perri says. "For every single person who purchases a tin that they get to go on another treasure hunt for another $100,000. It's gonna be epic."


Where are Johnny's Treasure Quest Tins Located?

Perri sells tins on his website but from time to time hides tins throughout the state. In the second video below, Perri buries a tin under some brush at the Sunset Park Boat Launch in Paw Paw, Michigan.

Get out your metal detector and GO!



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