Fast food may not be the healthiest but that doesn't stop most of us from eating it. I mean come on, sometimes you just need a large coke, fry and a burger.

According to Nicerx, more than one third of adults in America eat fast food every day. It's easy to do since there's 252,945 fast food restaurants across the U.S.

I actually have a couple buddies who only eat out. They never cook at home because it's too time consuming and have a schedule of what they're going to eat for the entire week. For example I asked one of them to get lunch one day and his response was, "Sorry, it's Tuesday, that means egg salad from Tim Hortons." Well, alrighty then.

The state that has the most fast food restaurants is Hawaii with 98 restaurants. Alaska came in last with 62.

We have 74 fast food restaurants in Michigan and Subway is the number one chain. I almost said I was surprised it wasn't McDonald's but then I remembered we don't really care about McDonald's. However, they did come in second for having the most restaurants in the state and Taco Bell and Starbucks share third.

Some people aren't really fans of Subway, but I love Subway. Their subs are perfect in the summer if you're headed to the beach or going to be on the lake all day. I don't know about you, but I'd rather eat a cold, slightly soggy sub than some old fries. Plus they're open early so you can swing by, grab your favorite sandwich, throw it in the cooler and hit the road.

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