AJ and I were just talking about how tired we have both been this week. According to my Fitbit, I have fallen asleep before 9 pm every night and I'm still exhausted. I have thought for a long time that my sleep is like a bank account. Some weeks I get more, some I get less, but as long as the average is there I am good to go, right?

Apparently, Michigan residents are in a "sleep debt" of 31 hours a month. That is one hour of sleep per day you are missing. According to ABC12, we are better off than residents in Alaska. They are missing out on about 42 hours of sleep each month. Even the most well-rested state, Vermont still has about 22 hours of "sleep debt" each month.

According to this study, Americans usually go to bed around 10:20 pm and wake up around 7:40 am during the week. I don't know about you, but that schedule isn't realistic for a lot of us. We begin our workday at 8 am here, so sleeping in until 7:40 am is out of the question. There are also a lot of nights I am not in bed by 10:20 pm. We all need to work on this. Sleep deprivation over a long period of time can have a serious negative impact on our overall health.


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