Who better to talk to than a Michigan native who now lives and works in London?

This is totally "six degrees from Kevin Bacon" stuff right here - the mother of one of my best friends from the "clucking hens" is married to a Michigander and lives here with him in the mitt. We're all runners, too, which is fun. His daughter, a native of South Lyon, lives and works in London.

So, a couple of Facebook messages later, we've got Lauren and a couple of her British coworkers on the phone all the way from across the pond to tell us about the insanity that is the Royal Wedding.

Yes, you heard her right - there's a bar where you can drink for free tomorrow if you're wearing a wedding dress. BRB, catching a plane right meow to go party with them. ;)

Thank you to Lauren, Joseph and Paul for taking time to talk to us this morning! Enjoy the parties tomorrow!

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