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Ohio. That's probably your go-to answer if I ask you who the worst drivers in the country are. However, you would be wrong.

Wyoming, of all places, is the home to the worst drivers in the US, according to this survey by Quote Wizzard.

So how do we rank in Michigan? Turns out, those of us who live here are pretty good behind the wheel. Michigan comes in at #3 overall in the insurance company's overall ranking of the best and worst drivers in the country.

So why the hell are our car insurance rates so high? That one above my paygrade.

The company analyzed insurance quotes for about two million drivers, using the following factors to determine each state's score:

  • Accidents
  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs
  • Citations

Only drivers in Missouri and West Virginia got a higher score than Michiganders.

Wyoming also leads the nation with the most-drunk driving convictions, which contributes to its overall dreadful score.

One might assume that states like Michigan which are prone to snow and ice would lead the nation in the number of accidents, but that honor goes to Rhode Island. Drivers in Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Utah also seem to be accident-prone.

This one is a bit harder to swallow:  The same company drilled down and ranked drivers in numerous major cities across the United States and declared that drivers in Detroit are the best in the country.

Seriously? Have you been to Detroit?

The company stipulates, however, that the rankings are based on data from motorists who have valid car insurance, noting that the Motor City has an unusually high percentage of uninsured drivers. So take that one with a grain of road salt.




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