A West Michigan mother faces numerous charges after being accused of trying to kill her children by stabbing, drowning, and forcing them to drink cleaning solutions.

Please Note:  Some of the footage captured on the police body-cam video included below is disturbing and may be difficult to watch. 

Jessica Edward-Ricks has been charged with six felony charges as follows:

  • Two counts of assault with intent to commit murder,
  • Two counts of first-degree child abuse,
  • and Two counts of second-degree child abuse.

Police Body-Cam Video Details a Gruesome Scene

A body-camera video shows police responding to the home in Albion, kicking in the bathroom door, and finding the 35-year-old woman attempting to hold a two-year-old child under water in a bathtub.

According to WZZM-TV, The police officer wrested the toddler away from the mother and took it to another room where he began performing CPR. The child eventually coughed up water and began breathing on her own.

Police say the two-year-old girl also had stab wounds on her chest and throat. Her four-year-old brother appeared to have cuts on his body. Authorities believe those children were forced to ingest cleaning fluids.

Two other siblings were present in the home, an eight-year-old and a 15-year-old;  neither of the older children sustained any injuries. The 15-year-old is credited with summoning police to the home Saturday morning (6/24) at the time of the incident.

Mental Health Evaluation and Arraignment

The mother was arraigned on Tuesday and is expected to undergo a full mental health evaluation.

Again, the footage in the police video below may be disturbing.

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