Whether you're looking forward to a romantic evening with your special someone on Valentine's Day, or a chance to get a helluva discount on chocolate on February 15th, we thought you'd enjoy knowing each state's most Googled relationship question. 

"Does she love me?" is the question asked most by people in Michigan. But, as it turns out, Michiganians aren't the only insecure people in the US. People New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia are wondering the same thing.

The alternate, "Does HE love me?" is the most-frequently Googled relationship question in eight states:  Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisianna, Nevada, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

As someone who's been married for 20+ years, I say if you have to ask Google, you may not like the real answer.

So what question is asked more than any other when it comes to affairs of the heart? "How do I break up with someone?" Ouch!





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