They wanted to ensure that all of their employees continue to get paid during the pandemic.

All 16 neurosurgeons at the Michigan Head and Spine Institute have taken a 45% pay cut during the coronavirus outbreak.

The clinic has offices in Novi, Pontiac, Royal Oak and Southfield.

Dr. Robert Johnson, the president of MHSI, told the Oakland Press that "the financial decision to support our employees was the right thing to do for them and our patients."

"As a designated critical infrastructure service, MHSI employees are committed to patient care. Every member of MHSI is screened daily when they arrive to work. ... We are extremely proud of our employees. They are committed, creative and flexible every day in meeting the challenges caused by this pandemic."

They've also moved to telehealth services and have canceled any non-emergency procedures so that their employees can stay home and stay safe.

THANK YOU! Your employees will reward you with loyalty for this.

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