He's working 90 hours every week so he can save the district $150,000.

Dr. David Harnish decided to take matters into his own hands - a bond was passed that allows for $18 million in upgrades to the schools. It would cost $150K to have them painted by professionals, which Harnish says could go straight to the students...so he started painting Martin High School himself.

He enlisted students to help; it's the first time the rooms have been painted in 17 years. He has some seniors who have already graduated who have donated their time over the summer to help the school out before they move on. The Martin High alumni say that it's his way to "leave a mark" on the school.

Lemme tell ya - I don't even remember what my superintendent LOOKED like. Never saw him; just knew that he only cancelled school for snow days when HIS kids couldn't get to school. Kudos to Dr. Harnish!

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