It was smiles galore in Lansing as a group of people with disabilities got an opportunity to play some real football with members of the Michigan State football team.

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Members of the team joined forces with the Beautiful Lives project who ordinarily wouldn't be able to have any playing time.

Giving People With Disabilities a Chance to Play

Bryce Weller is the co-founder of Beautiful Lives. He tells Lansing TV station Fox-47 that this collaboration gives people who would normally be forced to sit on the sidelines an opportunity to play.

"Beautiful lives project works to give people with disabilities opportunities to have life-changing moments and sports, music art, a whole range of programs throughout the country," Weller says.

Weller, who is also disabled says it's his mission to create inclusive spaces for people with disabilities.

Players Touched by the Opportunity

Charles Brantley is a cornerback for Michigan State. He says he's touched by the opportunity to interact with the kids.

"Watching us, I know it makes them want to actually play. So the drills that we do in here, I want to make it seem real," Brantley said. "I always wanted to be a pediatrician since I was younger, and my baby brother has autism himself. So it makes more sense for me to actually help kids."

Brantley says the best part of the day was making sure all the participants had fun and enjoyed themselves.

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